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  • Sarah Farrington

Greenery: Revitalising your home

Updating your interior to include Pantone's invigorating and uplifting shade, Greenery is easy to do as the trend for indoor house plants undergoes a revival. #Greenery, was the 2017 Colour of the Year for Pantone but as usual it takes a while for colours to filter though to the market. Whilst replacing your sofa with one of the fabulous plush velvet green options might feel like an extravagant way to embrace the trend I think our need to reconnect with nature is here to stay.

Greenery brings a fresh start to our homes and lives

Complementing our continuing love of all shades of grey, pairing well with natural oak and the ongoing trend for bringing the outdoors in the zesty yellow-green of Greenery works well in a variety of textures such as silk, velvet, wool and of course the real thing such as a living wall.

An artificial green wall is low maintenance
Lightwell Installation by #Vistagreen

A vertical garden, bringing your wall to life has obvious clean air benefits, however, internally maintenance can be a problem. This stunning wall installation by VistaGreen uses panels artificial plants to create a natural looking wall. I'm hoping to achieve a similar effect in the light well on my new build (

Basing a colour scheme on opposing colours in the colour wheel creates contrast and dramatic effect. The complementary colour to Greenery is hot pink (red-purple), candles shown below in the Octopus holder #GrahamandGreen are a cost effective way to incorporate a bold statement.

A colour scheme could also be created around the three colours that sit side-by-side on the colour wheel, called analogous colours. For example, yellow-green (Greenery), yellow and soft orange or yellow-green, green and turquoise. Mixing such colours can be challenging and allowing one colour to dominate whilst using the others as accent colours is more successful. For me though mixing Greenery with crisp whites and soft greys achieves the contemporary country elegance that I enjoy.

Picture source: Spanish magazine Ella Hoy

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